Tuning etc. ..........How to tune your Djembe. .................An essay by Szczepan Holyszewski using Newton's principles to explain why it's not the heat from a fire that raises the pitch of a drum skin but the dryness of the air.

Drumming community/Portals

The portal for djembe fanatics in the UK. Lists of djembe and dunun workshops, djembe teachers, djembe videos and sound files. Free classifieds, forum, chatbox etc.

A performing arts organisation dedicated to exploring the world of West African Drum and Dance.

Sewa-education uses both traditional and modern teaching techniques to bring the joy of West African music and dance to communities in the UK. .........Great site -Mp3s, info on teachers, drum groups/circles, classes, workshops, drum makers, etc. The home of Djembe and much more. They organise the best African drumming events I have been to in the UK

DjembeL FAQ If you have a question djembe related post it on this very active Yahoo group.


African music ............Drum Is the Ear of God: Africa's Inner World of Music